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Home Studio Room Setup?

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Moving to a new apartment in a few weeks, and I'm ready to soundproof as much as I can and deck the room out as a new home studio. The room is a perfect square, and has no doors (luckily); however there is a hallway leading into the main part of the room. Basically the floor plan looks like New Mexico. There's also a closet off of that small hallway that I'll be using as a vocal booth.


Anyways, the main part of my question revolves around opinions on how to arrange the furniture in the room. I already know how to set up my monitors and whatnot, and how to hang acoustic paneling. But, I record a podcast twice a week, and would like a place for my guests to sit, have their mics in front of them, and be comfortable. If I buy a normal mixing desk, there's nowhere for them to be. If I use this L-shape desk that I currently have, the extension of it will give them a place to sit but will also jut out awkwardly in the room. I can't put a circular desk in the center of the room, because I still need space for the mixing desk where my computer, monitors, keyboard, etc. will go.


Any suggestions? I also have an upright electric piano, one couch and a bookshelf going somewhere throughout the room.

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