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Duplicate audio channels on import


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Ran into an issue this week when building a set list for a tour I'm MD for. I had tracks for several songs in separate Logic sessions and was copy pasting them all into one show file then using track stack folders so there were not hundreds of tracks open in the arrange. I had all of the tracks bussed out the proper busses and all was as it should be or so I thought. When I reopened the file things were not bussed as I had left them. After much searching I realized that the issue was I had several duplicate audio track assignments so for example there were two or three tracks that in the info panel window were identified as audio track 10. When I would buss one of those tracks all of the duplicates would go to that same buss. My work around was to hit the solo button a track and then look for any other track that would be soloed thus identifying the tracks that were duplicates. Created a new audio track from the pull down menu and then copied the .wav file to the new track and deleted the old duplicate. Tedious but eventually got the job done.


My question is how can I keep that from happening in the future? As far as I know there is no way to edit the audio track number assigned by Logic. When you add a new track it just adds the next sequential audio track number. Copying things in the way I did does not prevent the possibility of duplication.


Would welcome any thoughts on the matter.


Thanks in advance,



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Don't use the cumbersome "more-than-one-project-open" copy-paste method from project to project, instead use the Audio Bins' Selective Track Import feature, for which you only need to have your destination project open. It might well be that this duplicate track number issue doesn't manifest in this case - but I'm not sure, I haven't tested it.



Import data from another project

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