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Logic Outputting incorrect timestamp in bounced files

esteban ferguson

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Hi Gang,


I work in TV Composition and have a little problem on my hands. I got a call from the editor of a TV show I'm working on claiming that the timestamps on my files were off by anywhere from 1 to 6 frames from the time code I supply in my filenames. the time code I provide in the file names is the TC of the start of my bounce. He said that its not a consistent offset. I did some of my own tests to verify what was happening and, sure enough, the timestamps are off by an inconsistent amount ranging from 1 to 6 frames. I should also mention that this problem is coming from both versions 10.1.1 and 10.0.6 as well as whatever versions the other two composers are using.


I tried the same tests with files from some of the other writers on the show, and it turns out we all have the same timestamp discrepancy. I've ruled out a rig specific problem by printing from two rigs and using files printed from yet another two rigs.


Has anyone else experienced this across logic when dealing with editors spotting things using the embedded timestamp? any ideas?

I'm talking with the editor today to see if he's changed the way he imports files into avid and has never dealt with the timestamps before. I suspect that this has been a problem for a while and is just now being noticed due to a change in his workflow.


thanks for any insight, hopefully this is something that can be fixed and not just a bug!

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