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keeping selected regions/marquee selection within view...

freakk guitarist

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is there any way to KEEP the marquee selection in view while editing? for example, in protools you can tab to transient on say a snare sample track (since theres no bleed) to check alignment with the natural snare... the region you have selected/transient line stays in view easily. while in logic it will follow the selection for maybe 2-3 "screen moves" then the 4th on the marquee will be a scroll wheel flick to the right or left of the screen.... not really the BIGGEST deal, but when you have to check the alignment on a snare for an entire album. when you could just hit right right right right nudge right right ritgh right nudge right right right right nudge, its now, right right, grab mouse, zoom out, figure out where the marquee is, zoom back in, tab over right, zoom out again zoom in, right right right right. etc etc.



also the same for midi notes, if im on piano roll hitting the right arrow (command for select next note) even with scroll to selection on, it misses the note by almost an entire screen sometimes! i work full time on L9 but experience this on LPX at home aswell.


is it because im using a 2k monitor display?

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so none else notices this? none ever checks their phase with drum samples? no one here triggers drum samples via midi and combines them with the natural kit? cmon this is all very common pro stuff that can be done in minutes with protools. I've even set my key commands up correctly so i have my midi editor on the bottom, and arrange on top. zoom in, and hit ] to move playhead to next transient, now logic is focusing me somewhere between the two transients (can't see anything and have to zoom out, and re zoom on my hit point) I've also tried just using the "select next region" with catch playhead turned on and for a few midi notes it will work, but when zoomed in my selection quickly runs off the visible screen.......... someone has to know what I'm talking about here :(
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