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"No Music" Burning Disk

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Imac 10.9.4

Logic ProX current release


I have a sudden problem. After mastering a .wav file in Logic, I bounce to the final .wav file for proofing in other audio systems. The CD plays on Quick Time and I tunes but when I put it in the car it reads "No music". All other burnt CD's from this system work fine

This is a first for me.


Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, is there a fix?


Since Burning is a part of music production I posted here. If I'm wrong please accept my apologies.



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Apparently .wav files need to be burnt from I tunes using a playlist (version 11.??) If it is burned from the finder then it's a data cd. All computers can play it but CD players can not. I tunes makes it an audio CD.


What a pain in the rear.

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I'm new to Logic therefore dumb questions will be asked.


Maybe you can clarify this: When bouncing to .WAV, then opening it in itunes and adding it to the playlist for burning onto CD, the mix seems off a bit. When bouncing to .WAV and keeping it in the "Data" format, it mirrors the original mix...Why?



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