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Logic 9 - very poor performance


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I used to use Logic 9 alot in the past on my MBA and it was working very good, lately when i use Logic 9 its lagging like hell, yesterday i had only 1 instance of ES2 in my project and it was already lagging, like i would stop playback but it would still be playing for 5-10 seconds.


I tried to reinstall OS X and Logic 9 multiple times but same s#!+ is happening ...


So i tried to pirate Logic X just to see how it will work and its not lagging at all, but i want to use my legit copy of Logic 9! :(


Any ideas what can i try to do?


\ Logic version and sub-version = 9.1.8

• OS X version and sub-version = 10.10.3

• Computer = MBA 2014

• Memory = 4GB

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Click on the pink area above, then add your system details.


How much free space on your system disk? Free space on your project drive?




Alot of free space, i tried on clean install of Logic and Yosemite, and i can even get lags with 1 instance of ES2, pathetic!!!

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With only 4GB RAM you will constantly be accessing your system drive for virtual memory.


Do you have an external drive for projects?


Be aware that as the system drive fills up, system performance will decline.


I always keep 15-20% free space on mine for optimal performance, I keep my projects on a dedicated drive for easy backups and to allow the system drive to be free to handle virtual memory.



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Were you using Mavericks before or Mountain Lion when it was working?

Logic 9 is not officially supported on Yosemite.


I think it used to work fine on Yosemite aswell, but good to know its not supported anymore, i guess its time to upgrade even though i dont need it :(

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