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Logic Pro CTRL+Option zoom tool bug/glitch?


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I'm using Logic Pro 9, but recently came across a very annoying bug, glitch or whatever it may be, and it's been really infuriating me the past days, I couldn't find anything about it so I just decided to make a post.


Whenever i try to use the zoom tool by holding down the option and control button, the zoom tool appears, but when i start to click and drag, it drags the whole logic pro window and I can't do anything else.


It's extremely annoying and I have no idea why this happened. I tried initializing key commands, and just initialize logic pro, but it didn't help. Whenever I try to control + Option click another window that isn't logic pro, like chrome, it doesn't move it, so it only happens in logic. I really want to fix this cause it's been really annoying me and I can't work easy without it.



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