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Any Audient ID22 users out there?


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I just picked up an Audient ID22 interface and LOVE IT!. Now I'm just trying to get it setup with Logic Pro X. When using the Audient ID22 software there's a selection of radio buttons that allow outputs on the ID22 to be fed from either the iD DSP mixer main output, the iD mixer cue outputs (A or B), an alternative loudspeaker output. or directly from your DAW (bypassing the iD DSP mixer by paralleling the input straight to the DACs).


The question I have is better to route my mix from Logic to the ID DSP mixer main output (MAIN MIX) or should select the option where I bypass the ID DSP Mixer altogether and go directly to the DAC (DAW MIX) ? When I bypass the ID DSP Mixer (DAW MIX), I have to control the volume within Logic. The volume knob on the ID22 doesn't function when you bypass the mixer. Just trying to see what the pros and cons are of using either path. Also, I'm assuming there would be a difference in monitoring latency between using the DSP Mixer on the ID22 versus the mixer directly in Logic?

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