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TAB Score : Ugly prints [FIXED]


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As I print my (TAB-)scores or as I save them as .pdf there appear small, vague, rectangular, grey backgrounds/shades behind the numbers of the TAB.

Funny enough you don't see it in Logic itself.


In the attachement you can see a zoomed-sample of what I mean.

In Logic 9 I never came across this phenomenon.


More than a year ago I already contacted Apple for this irritating bug and they took notice of it promissing to fix it soon.

Still it isn't fixed.


In this way I can't use it for professional purposes.


I wonder if there are more people with the same problem.

Or aren't there professional Score-users anymore?

Is there is a way to avoid these ugly backgrounds?







Logic Pro X 10.10.1

Macbook Pro 2.9 i7

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Hi Boudewijn,


If you do a search for "shadow" here on LPH you'll see that other people have experienced this problem too, so you are not alone. But apparently the problem has to do with Adobe Reader, and supposedly this has been fixed (per the release notes for 10.1.1). Obviously not tho, eh?


Suggest slogging through this thread to see if there's anything relevant to your situation. This link starts in the middle of the thread to where things get "interesting" but you might want to check it from the top.



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I tried to fix the score-tab-prints in acrobat pro.

It worked fine to a certain extent.

I managed to delete the grey shadow-layer.

However, after deleting the shadows the barlines aren't broken at the TAB-number-spots so they run through the TAB-numbers.

Result : the numbers aren't visible enough for professional use. See Attachment.


Maybe If I change the shadow-colour from grey to white it will help

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