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Pitch correction


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Hi Guys!


First of all I'm sorry if my english is a little funny. I'm from Sweden and I don't write in English every day. I just noticed something which seems to be a problem, and I would like to share it and see if anyone has an answer or suggestion or opinion. A few days ago I recorded some vox. The girl was a really good and trained singer and she sang almost perfect in pitch. There were just a few notes I wanted to fix. I used to be a Melodyne user (still is) but I find the integrated pitch correction in flex pretty fast and easy to use, and I don't have to scan the voice in any cpu consuming plug-in.

Anyway, when I manually fixed the few notes it went very well. But I noticed that if I used the correction slide to the left, it wanted to lower pretty much every note she sang with about 5 cents. Funny, but I left it there because it was fine like it was. A few hours ago I recorded guitar melody. The guitar was perfect in tune. As an experiment I turned on flex and adjusted the guitar melody to 100% correction. And it did lower every note. I don't get this. The settings are correct. But it does not make an A 440hz. At least not comparing to the EXS or any other software instrument. And not comparing to any of my stand alone instruments. It's not much too low, but still annoying. If I take a melody, tune it to 100% correction and after that fine tune every note +5 cents it's perfect.


For the record. The same thing happens if I use Melodyne or Waves Tune. But if I run them on another Mac, with LP9, it's not happening. So... any ideas? Is it a bug? Is it anything with my system?


Thanks you so much for reading!

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