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Best value Midi Controller for Logic

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Hi, new member and Logic Pro X user needing my first Midi Controller. I'm a guitarist and stringed instrument player but can ham out some basic chords on keys slowly.


Want to use midi in Logic X chord trigger to add some B3 and piano sounds to my recordings.


What is the best value 49-key midi controller for LP X currently?



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Novation SLMkII is a good work horse, not very sturdy for touring, but quite versatile and dependable.


Thanks for the response. I thought folks were having headaches with the Novation and Logic Pro X because of the AutoMap issue.

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Mike, yes indeed the AutoMap software is complete garbage to implement with Logic. That's ok though… you don't really need to use it. You can custom map MIDI changes within Logic if you need to. The keyboard itself is fantastic and outweighs the auto map issue. I second the Novation.
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... the AutoMap software is complete garbage to implement with Logic. ...

The provided factory default mapping is indeed often poorly done but only for some plugins that holds lots of parameters. But Automap is easily customizable which makes it an excellent starting point; if you care taking the time to learn about it.

Anyhow, as mentioned, you can switch from MIDI CC mode to Automap mode at the press of a button.

The SLMkII's learning curve is a little daunting at first but once you get the gist of it, you have a powerful and versatile controller at your disposal. The main weakness that I find in its design is the X/Y pad, which requires to be operated with an hard surface object (like a glass marble or your nail top...).

Not perfect but one of the most comprehensive (if not the one) on the market at this price range.

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