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Sending output from Logic to another computer

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So, I have a completely separate PC for live streaming a podcast show. I want to send the full audio feed of what I'm recording from Logic (on my Mac), into the PC, so I can have a high quality audio feed. The PC has two "microphone" inputs that are 1/8" for computer microphones. I sent a stereo 1/8" cable from my MOTU interface into one of these inputs, and it works, but there's a low hum. I've heard the hum before, when one of my mic cables is going bad, but I don't know specifically why it's humming. Both mic inputs on the PC do this. I know it's not the cable, because it works fine with no hum in other circumstances.


I thought about getting a separate small interface for the PC, and sending two balanced 1/4" cables from the MOTU to the new interface… but I was wondering if there's a way around it. The 1/8" inputs are there on the PC, so maybe I'm just sending the wrong type of signal to them.


Thanks for the help.

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