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Getting Started - Logic Pro X and Motu 16A


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I am blown away. Moved from an Analog Mixer and 4 tracks to a Motu 828 (as a digital mixer) strictly for years - recording a stereo mix on a Zoom. I basically play and record my band live. Occasionally head out and record a friends band. Less time led to not keeping up with all the software and workflow changes so I'm playing catch up now. The preamps on the 828 failed and I was out of inputs -- I finally did a monster upgrade and now I'm overwhelmed with the workflow!


I am using a Motu 16A, and Logic Pro X on a new Mac Book Pro. I have lots of outboard preamps, compressors, synths and effects.


Starting slow -

Week #1 - I just used the Motu as an "Audio Interface". I used an 8 x 2 analog summing pre to reduce 8 toms, snare and kick to stereo. OHs, and outside Kick, Stereo guitar, 2 vox and 1 bass. So 11 Analog inputs -- all recorded fine.

I/o buffer at 64. Latency at 1.7ms! Awesome.

Output of main mix was routed to a headphone amp - which allowed for enough isolation to dial in the mics sound.

One vocal bus - with some compression and reverb -- sent to Mains.

Good room sound and a very exciting reaction to the recordings from the first session.


Week #2 - Add an extra mic to fatten guitars, and outboard compressors. Now all analog inputs are used up on the 16A.

Attempted to route bass, outside kick, and stereo guitars to the outboard compressors -- via busses.

I want to simultaneously record the uncompressed and compressed tracks and hear the differences, mix them later.


In addition I added some Logic Pro plugs in on individual tracks - channel strip style - eq and a little compression as needed.


Hit record and wham - both monitoring in the room and the recording ended up with lots of clicks and pops. Checked new devices, cables, blamed AC power. Now I suspect it is the i/o buffer - or a mac software update mid week.


This is a 3.1Ghz i7 16GB Mac with a SSD - I would think it should be handling at least 32 channels via thunderbolt with routing and plugins with live monitoring and recording let alone 16 - am I wrong?


Looking for some tips on best practices - and what to expect.

Should I be using more of the Motu 16A for routing for inputs, busses and outputs?

Or should I be using the Logic and increasing the I/o buffer?


Any recommendations -- including books and classes - I just ordered the Logic Pro X book to get started.

Sensing a steep learning curve and not enough time ahead!!!



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Thanks Jay. I tried at 128 and everything worked great. I noticed that that my Logic template ( week #1) had so too many plug ins active . Once I cleared out the plug ins for recording and bumped to 128 - everything was smooth!


I also worked through the first 3 chapters of David's book so I am feeling a bit more in control.

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