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Upgrading from the Apogee duet ?

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I am so annoyed with the ONE BUTTON TO TOGGLE TO 5 DIFFERENT channels! Who thinks this technology is good? Yesterday, I ruined my Yamaha NS10's when the volume on the Duet got cranked to maximum for some reason during a headphone session. Then, I turned on my speaker amp. Scared some neighbors too and almost lost my own pee. I am very sad to say bye to the NS10's.


I am actually in love with the way the Duet helped me begin my own humble studio, and the sound is pretty good, but now it is time to move on. The microphone input levels always get screwed up during a session due to toggling errors, too. This may or may not be my fault, but the dead NS10s is difficult to swallow.


What items do I need in order to dump the apogee duet altogether? If you can tell me the actual NAME of the items I need, as well as offering specific Brand recommendations, that would be awesome. Thanks!

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A lot depends on how many inputs and outputs you want.


If you don't need any more than the duet has, I see 4 obvious choices in ascending price/ (assumed) quality:


UAD Apollo twin - probably not an upgrade per se in terms of conversion/quality, but gives you the UAD plugin platform/dsp.


RME Fireface UCX


Meltric Halo ULN-2


Prism Sound Lyra (1 or 2)


I was considering all of the above for a recent interface upgrade, particularly the Lyra and Metric Halo, but needed more i/o for outboard gear, so went with something else altogether.

Good luck and sorry to hear of the demise of your NS10s

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Thanks for the info, Paul. Yeah, I take baby steps, and my studio is really for singers only, so the duet serves me well except for it's design. I will research all of these and then get back to you when I'm ready to purchase, although that might depend on my cash flow, so it may take awhile. I really appreciate the suggestions!
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Triplets! Hey thanks for asking, sorry for the delay. Well, I've been stymied just a bit. Yesterday, I bought Spitfire Solo String libraries, without realizing that I needed to also purchase Kontakt in order to make it run, so....I've definitely blitzed thru my allowance this month. I think I'm stuck with my duet for a couple more weeks at least. It is a great sounding item. If it wasn't for that EFFIN one button design...OHhhhhh. Such a hassle during a session with a vocalist, I can't imagine why people think this one button thing is a good idea. I HATED it when the original ipods were like that too. Sorry for the rant... The RME that PaulRiot suggested in his reply is priced at $1,350. on the web. That looks like a pretty good item and a nice upgrade for me. Then I'd need to purchase a rack to hold it too, lol...all in due time. The duet was $700.



PS: I switched out the dead NS-10's with a pair of TANNOY speakers of the same size, from the same era. They sound sweeter than the NS10s and i like that. I guess I should start a new thread for that discussion.

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