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How to create a new region/file from existing in arrange


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I have managed to use Logic for many years without really knowing the best way of going about this and I wondered if anyone had any definitive methods.


Usually when I am editing audio, say I printed a synth or something, I will usually go ahead and chop it up at some point. Maybe I want to shorten it, copy it to another location and apply time stretch to it, reverse, etc.


Time stretch creates a new region by default. However reverse will often apply the edit to the original file therefore if the region exists in multiple locations I hear the issue everywhere.


I tried right clicking convert to new region (which does nothing as far as I can tell). Convert to new audio file pulls up the save dialog and I have to go through the process of navigating to folders and naming the file.


Is there a quick way to do this in the same fashion as timestretching a file does?


Also I am planning on sending my audio out to external editors like twisted wave for adding effects to regions, etc and I am going to use this app. http://www.davidmckeitch.com/mac-apps/AudioFileToolbox.html


I remember logic would auto-update the file with the edit in this case but I need to try this out. Not sure if Logic overwrites the existing file (thereby effecting every other instance of that region in the arrangement) or creates a new one in this case.


This is common in Pro Tools... does anyone else do this sort of thing in Logic?

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Cool. I guess in the past whatever method I used, I did it directly in the audio bin...and that would save a file but I had to reimport the new file to use it. I think it was "backup files". I dont remember... The convert feature is only available via the arrange via edit or right click...It's probably been there for years but I never noticed it. Thanks again Eric.
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