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Help - MIDI Studio Setup

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My outboard gear collection is slowly growing. Currently I have:

  • Novation SL MKII Controller
  • Jomox Xbase999 Drum Machine
  • Waldorf Microwave XTk Synth
  • Moog SubPhatty Synth


I would like to set up my studio such that I can:

  • Play any of these instruments and record what I play in Logic Pro X (e.g., cycle record in logic and play chords on my Waldorf and have Logic record MIDI)
  • Alternatively, use logic to compose and send MIDI to each instrument (e.g., write out some chord progressions in Logic and send MIDI to my waldorf


I currently have MIDI set up in the following way

  • Sound Card MIDI out to Jomox MIDI In
  • Jomox MIDI Thru to Waldorf Microwave MIDI In
  • Waldorf Microwave MIDI Thru to SubPhatty MIDI In
  • Novation SL MKII connected via USB to my computer


This lets me compose in logic and send midi to my various synths which is great. But sometimes I want to cycle record and tweak some knobs on, say my Waldorf, and have logic record the automation.


Any advice on how to set this up? I assume I would need to purchase:

  • A midi thru box - Sound Card to the Thru box, and into my synths, and
  • A Midi Merge box - Synths to the Merge box, and into my Sound Card In


Is that the way this situation is typically handled?


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Just re-read my original post and realized that maybe I was a bit convoluted in explaining what I'm trying to achieve. Put a bit more simply, I want to set up my synths such that:

  • I can send MID from Logic Pro X to each synth individually, and
  • Record CC tweaks by moving the pans/pots/etc on each individual synth while I record in logic


My sound card only has a single Midi In and Midi out. What are my options for setting up my studio to achieve my goals, and what hardware (if any) would I need to buy in order to make it happen?



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