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New Window that Selects Tracks-Question?


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I was wondering if anyone could help me on this one?




In the main arrange window of Logic X, when you select a track, that track will be highlighted in all other windows in it's different formats-i.e, when selecting a synth bass track on channel 28 in the arrange window, if you have another window open with the mixer in view, channel 28 will be displayed automatically when you select the track in the arrange window. This basically is Logic synchronising the 2 windows. The same happens when you have the mixer open in a new window, and select a track from that window. As soon as you do that, the corresponding track in the arrange window is highlighted.




My question is that in the Environment, in the Layer: All Objects, when a track is selected in the main arrange window, the corresponding track is highlighted in this window. However, when I click on one of these tracks in this Environment window, it does not highlight the track in the arrange window which is unlike the way the mixer in a new window seems to be able to control track selection when it is selected.


What I am looking for is either a tweak or a solution of how to make selecting a track in the Environment All Objects layer display the selected track in the main arrange window. I'm not sure if this is easy or not but it works with new windows with the mixer being able to control track selection and both are synchronised so that linking does exist and in the All Objects layer of the Environment, when a track is selected in the main arrange window, it is highlighted in this window. I'd just like to find a way of having the command being able to go the other way as well so that in that Environment layer, when i highlight a track, the corresponding track will be selected in the main arrange window.


I'd appreciate any help/advice you guys could give. I know this may seem a bizarre question but for what I'm building it could be great if it works so any help would be fantastic.


Many thanks,



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