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MIDI control change bad behavior in LPX


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Hi all,


I've found what I think is a pretty significant bug in how LPX handles cc messages for external MIDI devices. A more detailed explanation can be found in this thread on the Apple support forums: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7025525?start=0&tstart=0


In short, LPX automatically tries to "smooth out" jumps in cc message values by filling in data between events. This creates significant problems when the events are intended to jump between discrete cc values. Logic Pro 9 does not behave this way so something has changed in LPX.


To illustrate, I've created a project to simulate the whammy effect from Muse's Map of the Problematique. It's basically a whammy/synth shifting between -1 octave and +1 octave in a 16th note pattern. I've set up a MIDI track in LPX using cc messages to control the whammy effect in an Axe Fx II. As you can see from the screenshot, LPX is filling in cc data between the actual events:




MIDI Monitor confirms that LPX is sending additional "filler" or smoothing cc messages to the external device:




To compare, this is how LP9 handles the same data:




Is there a way to stop LPX from behaving this way? Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.





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Thanks for your response. However, that seems like an odd design to force users to go through so many more steps for something that should be simple and was simple in LP9. We should at least have the option to toggle the behavior on and off.


In addition, using the approach you suggest still results in extra and unnecessary MIDI data being sent to the external device as you can see in the event list in the screenshots you posted.

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