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Counterpoint: can this tone leap?

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I'm a little unsure if the 4th tone of the 3rd species can leap to a different tone if it's consonant with the cantus firmus but dissonant with the 2nd species. For example:





Ignoring the fact that the amount of similar motion isn't very good, Is this leap here ok in terms of handling dissonance? I thought maybe it's acceptable because the 2nd species, the note at this point which is causing the dissonance, is resolved by step?


Thanks for your time

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I think this fragment doesn't show enough to finally judge that thing, but imagining how it sounds I find it odd. The final "chord" is not even a real triad because the "e" is doubled. Did you listen to it yourself?

That said, it may be ok in a greater context. And I had to think of Bach's "Brandenburg Concerto" No. 1, 2nd movement, which contains some naughty dissonances.

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If this is for a theory class, I would say your teacher will be happier if you tied the C into the 2nd measure instead of leaping to the E.


You've got A minor for the 1st 2 beats. But in beat 3 and 4, you're sort of starting to pass into C, but you're not going to the dominant, which is what you're teacher will be expecting you to do. I think it would make your theory teacher happier if you dropped your bass voice to the G in beat 3, had your middle voice move to E on beat 4 and then dropped your Bass to C on beat 1 of measure 2 and stayed on the C in your soprano voice for beat 1 of measure 2.


I haven't taken a counterpoint class in 10 years, so don't hold me to it though.

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