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guitar arp recording/editing strategy

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I'm basically exactly trying to emulate the guitar arp on the intro of Nickelback's Far Away.


Its a tight arp, almost sounds sampled. There's a clear separation between the bass guitar and acoustic guitar. The bottom bass notes of the guitar i.e. on 1 and 3 are totally masked in my ears by the bass guitar.


I'm trying to emulate that exchange between bass guitar and acoustic guitar where the guitar is replying to bass note. The acoustic guitar must be playing those bass notes but yet they are masked.


Just wondering what the pro's ears think is happening here.


Are they using a multiprecessor and squashing the guitar's bass notes?

Did they chop up the guitar part and just mute out those bass notes? Tried it , did not work well for me :)


If anybody can quickly listen to that intro, it should be clear what I mean.



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First of all, thank you for your analysis. I thought it was one guitar with a imaging plugin and then perhaps some riding to accentuate and perhaps some panning to the right in that image again to accentuate.


The bass notes of the acoustic guitar arpeggio seem too tight and too subdued perhaps that's only compression and EQ ? and what I mean as "too" tight/subdued I don't mean as a criticism but more of a comparison to my recording of the same part. There it might be an issue I guess that I'm picking up too much string not enough body.


I'm trying to recreate the song in question, performance, edits and mixing. I figured it would be a good way to force myself to better learn LPX and mixing in a more fully and real world way

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Ok, the stereo imaging plugins that I have come across don't that I understand provide the out of phase effect, I have the Waves Gold Bundle and of course LPX included plugins. Do you happen to know of one that does ? Or another perhaps two step strategy to achieve the same?


On the recording side may this is about recording more of the body of the guitar. I mean I hear no discernible string noise at all. Particularly problematic , at least I found it to be, is the 6th string due to the fact that the tune uses Drop Db tuning but then again I can hardly hear the bass note of the guitar arpeggio

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