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No Sound from plug-ins!


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You don't really provide any detail as to what you are doing, what software versions you are using, or what behaviour you are expecting and what you have tried.


If could be something as simple as you need to change your MIDI transmit channel to 1, to it only does it in one project because I accidentally routed the audio output to somewhere unused to you've recently changed your drive and your software needs reauthorising to work.

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Transmitting on channel All


There is no such thing. Setting "All" on the Logic track (nothing to do with the MIDI channel you are transmitting on) just passes all data on "All" incoming MIDI channels to the plugin.


So if your keyboard is transmitting on MIDI channel 6, the "All" setting just passes those MIDI channel 6 events to the plugin, and if you have no parts or instruments set to MIDI channel 6, there is nothing for the instrument to play.


Try changing the "All" to a "1" (which forces all events onto MIDI channel 1) or, as I said previously, change the MIDI transmit channel of your keyboard to 1.


Kontakt and Omnisphere are multi-timbral, so that they have different parts that can received on different MIDI channels. By default, they are using MIDI channel 1 for the first part, and if you are sending MIDI channel 6 (or something other than 1) to them, you won't hear anything.

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