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What Score Editor Symbols do you feel are missing?


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I am in the process of creating a music font for Logic to account for missing symbols/graphics. (Various Glissando lengths for example). I thought I would poll users to begin to accumulate a list of what would be needed. I will then share the final font with members. Uploading specific images would be helpful to ensure I know exactly what is being requested. I am getting tired of having multiple fonts where unicode is required to input the symbol...etc.etc. Going to making it easier to access the symbols.

If you are interested - kindly submit your request.


1/ Glissando


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The symbol indicating 4 bars repeated - i.e. with 4 lines and the number 4 .. though this would need to have the same effect as dragging this sign in its dual or single bar repeat form .. it is very useful when making the score of a part for the midi to remain playable and continue to sound on playback while the Score or Part shows simple a repeat bar or two bars repeat ( i.e. thus saving space on the number of pages needed to print out the score - the main purpose of this request .
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I do a lot of Big Band music and the part that is always a hassle is the Drum Part.. It usually looks like mainly slashes with rhythm figures INCLUDING THE RESTS above (see example). I am able to do this only with a lot of effort. I have to insert each rest by hand. If I were able to have a rest "style" (like slash, hide, show) that was "put above staff" then I could use the two voice style with slashes on the bottom and figures and rests above. Those of you who are Logic Scoring Experts might notice that the slashes are actually quarter notes w/o stems and with a slash head.


Drum Part with Slashes and Figures and Rests Above Staff

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Nice work around for slashes... ;) - will have to use that myself some time.


Totally agree about having a rest "style" for above the staff. It has always been fiddly and time consuming especially when you want to associate a chord symbol with a rhythmic hit - included in the above the staff options should be a rpt sign like the slash with two dots, to indicate that a chord from a previous back is repeated. Currently that sign as a symbol is not available - if you drag it to the bar it wipes out the notes in the bar visually and repeats the content of the previous bar.

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I am not a drummer and don't read drum noatation. What does the the B note and the D note indicate on drums? (I.e, the last two staffs)

Is this all one staff style and all in one region?

I am going to give it a shot and see if there is an easier way to do this?

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