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Why are Logic X files so big? Large template issue?


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This may be a bit of a niche question for this forum but....


I am using an orchestral template of about 80 tracks. It's done with several instances of Vienna Ensemble Pro and Kontakt.


I notice that each time I save the song after adding a few bars of music, the size of the Logic project grows. The project size seems to be growing far too fast for the amount of new data I'm adding as it's really only midi notes and CC info that is added.


This means that a couple of minutes music can result in a project size of 1-2GB


I don't understand this since all the samples reside somewhere else and a lot of date is held in VEP.


Can anyone explain?

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The main things I can think of - firstly, at each save you have done more operations so the undo history data is growing.


Secondly, each save doesn't overwrite the project file, it renames the last project file to a backup version and saves a new file. So every time you save, you are adding an extra project file (up until the max autosave entries number).


Lastly, depending on your project preferences, external files may be copied into the project package, including impulse responses, EXS instruments and samples, audio files, Apple Loops, Ultrabeat samples and so on.


Have a look into the project package - which files are in there, and which ones are taking up space?

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Thanks des99, but I still don't get how a project that has only midi data can be so large.


I don't save any other files in these template pieces. If I'm working on a vocal production I may have hundreds of audio files and dozens of saved versions of the song but with the template pieces there is nothing saved in any folder but a few mp3 bounces and the project file.


Even allowing for auto backups etc, if I 'get info' on the Project File itself (not the whole folder) it can be up to 200MB for a dozen instruments playing for less than a minute- midi data only.


I think it may be something to do with VE Pro and the way it saves 'metaframes. etc.


Also, I haven't quite grasped the difference between saving as a folder or a package. I always use folder as that is what I always have done in the past.


Thanks again.

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