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mod wheel programming to expression ?


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hey guys ! Im new to this Forum..Really sorry if im posting in the wrong section ..maybe someone could give me a heads up..





Im trying to map a modulation wheel on a keystudio 49 to expression in logic. Ive been looking at all the different transformer videos

in the "midi environment " but cant get it to work for the life of me!!! ive Just moved over to logic x from pro tools and do heaps

of string and drum programming for commercials and what not and need to map to cc11 from what appears to be cc1?



Much appreciated if you can point me in the right direction.. its tough moving platforms !?



Mac pro (late 2011), prism Lyra , Logic x,Uad satellite

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You can do this either in the environment or by using the Modifier MIDI effect.

This post should get you going:


LPX - Add "expression"to notes in Piano Roll? [sOLVED]


You could also just change the mapping directly on the MIDI controller.


To assign a MIDI controller message to the Modulation wheel:


  1. Press the Edit Mode button
  2. Press the black key above C4 (C#4), representing “WHEEL ASSIGN ”
  3. Use the Numerical Data Entry keys G3 – B4 to enter the number of the MIDI controller you want to assign to the Modulation
  4. Press the ENTER key (C5)
  5. Move the Modulation wheel upwards to increase the value of the MIDI message sent

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