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Saving/loading mixdown/channel sets

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I would love to see a feature that let's you save a whole mixdown within a project, respectively independet from the alternative, like a snapshot. It should only save the settings of the fader, pan and sends. So the user can switch between mixdowns easily and without reloading different alternatives. This would make it also much faster to swap between different mixes.


This could be done within the mixer (and should be saved within the project, not the alternative), saving and loading for the all faders, or just loading for a single/multiple selected channels. Ideally the mixer snapshots will be saved in a list, where you can give different names and also notes. Similar to the alternatives. And maybe the user can assign shortcuts for fast loading/comparing mixes.


If in future Logic should implement a trim at the beginning and the end of a channel strip (you know gain staging and "relative" vol automation) then these settings should also be saved in this mixer snapshot.




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