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KRK Rokit 6 g3 - Noise


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Hey I'm new to the studio monitor world and I don't know much about it!


I have brand new KRK Rokit 6 speakers and they work great!


After a week, once I play music/sound from my Numark NV controller, I hear a small buzzing/static noise from both speakers.


The noise still continues until I turn off the speakers. When I turn them back on there is no noise, but after playing music/sound the


buzzing continues. While playing music it isn't a issue, but once I pause, the sound becomes annoying.


I have balanced XLR cables hooked up to my Numark NV, and a windows 8 laptop.


I highly doubt that the brand new speakers are the issue, since both of them are making the noise.


I read that it could be a possible grounding issue? but i am not certain.


Any and all help is welcome please!

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What happens if you disconnect the laptop and use it via the battery only?

That should take care of any eventual grounding problems.


What happens if you listen to headphones instead of your monitors. Is the noise still present?


I would also turn the KRK speakers way up and turn down the Master. Maybe it's the audio interface that is noisy.

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