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How do i configure my wind controller on Logic X?


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i got a question regarding configuring my wind controller, the EWI 5000 and Logic X.


When i connect my EWI 5000 to the computer via usb, logic automatically reads that a usb controller has been connected and reacts every time i blow into the controller. However i have this volume switching complication that happens every time i blow into the controller. After i blow a note, it causes the volume of the track to drop to zero. But what if i don't want the volume to start from 0. Can i ask if anyone knows where i can go to fix this such that the minimum volume isn't zero? I would also like to set a limit for the max volume if possible.


Thanks in advance.



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Another way I just thought of if your intent is to adjust for playback is to use the velocity parameter in the region inspector. This is an offset that is added to the velocity of the notes you played in. For example if your velocity range was from 0-100 during your performance (after you recorded), if you change the velocity parameter value to 20, then all velocities during playback will be raised (offset) by that amount. So your new range will be 20-120.
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hi volvoicg,


thanks so much for replying. I'm so sorry but i didn't even realise I had received a reply to this thread. I think i didn't click notify me when a reply is posted.


Your suggestion makes a lot of sense abt using the transformer. However i'm not very skilled at using the environment. Would you be able to give me any advice of how to do connection process? Right now logically i can imagine that it might be


1. create instrument box thingy channel in environment

2. Connect EWI 5000 to instrument box

3. Connect EWI 5000 to transformer (somewhere in transformer's setting i have to set a velocity range)

4. Connect to Output on the instrument channel


or something like that. does that make sense or am i getting this wrong?

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Also I assume you have this document and have gone through the configuration and calibration steps to properly setup the 5000.

The calibration has a minimum you can define which might take care of your issue without post correcting in logic - FYI



Configuring the breadth sensor to turn off cc#7 (volume) and use cc#11 (expression) may also solve your issue.

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