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Software Instrument to AUDIO routing


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Can someone explain this to me, I don't have audio interface on me right now but I am trying to put UltraBeat output to be BUS 1 and Input on Audio track to be BUS 1 as well so I can record MIDI to audio (I know there is a Bounce in Place).

But I don't get any sound in LX. I and R are greyed out and in L9 R doesn't even exist....I used to do this routing before and it worked I don't understand why does it not work now.




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I and R are greyed out


Your input device preference is set to "None" in Logic's audio preferences.


so I can record MIDI to audio


You would be recording audio to audio. Even if it's a software instrument that responds to MIDI messages, what it outputs is audio.





Thaaaaaaaat's riiiiight. ok, I had my audio interfaces hooked up since I started using them and this is the first time in years it is not connected to my Mac, but I do remember I have used this technique years ago even without any audio interface or MIDI controller. But I had it se to BUILT-IN MICROPHONE as my input instead of NONE. Thank you for reminding me.

And yes, I expressed myself incorrectly, I know that MIDI is just an information of what audio to pull of from hard drive it's not an actual sound but that's what I meant. To record audio from MIDI directly into an Audio track.


Thanks a bunch Jordi.

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