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Mixing a music track to a Video with Strong Voice Over


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I got a Advertisement video which has a "mastered" version of voice-over with a strong male voice. It is limited so that it doesn't cross 0 db, however the wave looks normalised and is also heavy on my ears. It is a 30 second video. I did a 30 second music track, mixed and mastered it (also limited it not to cross -6 dB even after processing). I used automation to reduce -3 db or so wherever the voice-over comes. Still when I play the 30 second and voice over mastered waves together it shoots above 0 db. And yet my music track sounds so dull. It is already reduced in volume where voice-over happens.


Option 1: I can again add a limiter to both the tracks combined.


Any other options?

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Try reducing the musics' volume via a sidechained compressor, instead of (or combined with) using automation.

To prevent overs, just drop both the voice and music down 1 or 2 dB extra. Rectifying levels by extra limiting alone will probably compromise sonic quality too much.

If the music sounds dull, first try EQ-ing it - I think I would first try to create some "room" for the voice by using a sidechained Match EQ (it can be fed from the same bus that feeds the compressors' sidechain). Maybe use a Multiband Compressor to loose some mid (800-3,500 Hz) and add a bit bass (20-200 Hz) and a bit extra highmids and lowhighs (4-7 kHz). All these numbers are very crude approximations, your material will determine the actual numbers and settings. But it's a start.

Be aware that it is very hard to assess how things sound just going by your words, it would help to hear an example, if that's possible.

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