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Major System overload issues


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I have been working on a new song since upgrading to Yosemite OS. There are a small handful of audio tracks and a couple of EX24 instruments and then a Contact Multi instrument running 15 tracks of software orchestral instruments (mixture of Kirk Hunter strings and Contact factory wind). My song is constantly crashing and the CPU and I/O are pushing to maximum.


Here's the funny thing - even when I mute ALL the tracks the audio is still running pretty high even though I hear nothing. I concede my iMac is a little outdated (2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256 MB using built in sound running audio at 48,000 kHz with 256 buffer) but a) the problem seems intermittent [i.e. one time I can run and edit no problem, another time it just keeps crashing even after a clean restart] and b) if I have to accept that my machine can't handle all of this anymore is there a way I can "block" tracks i don't need to run to free up processing power whilst I work on the orchestration?


I've already frozen the audio tracks and NOT the software instrument tracks (as advised on another page).

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Ive had the same problem with logic.

With just logic on my cpu uses 15% and ram uses 2,4gb (max4gb). When i start my song playing in logic the cpu changes allot.

Cpu is going to 100% but ram remains the same. When this happens logic stops playing my song and there is the error message!



What you want is that logic doesnt hit the 101% cpu usage to trigger the overload.



1.Get the app: App Tamer.

2. Search for logic pro in the list for cpu usage.

3. Right click on logic and select that slow program down when it uses above 50% cpu.


Before i already got these messages when i play the first 2 seconds of a song. Now i never get a message and logic is running great!

Logic pro is like a dog without a leash, it wil run away with your cpu so get that leash hold it tight and give it some discipline. :lol:


This is my fix for the problem, hope it works for you

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