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Transferring Automation Between Different Plugin Instances


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Is there a way in Logic Pro X to transfer automation data between two instances of the same plugin?


For example, I'm automating about 44 parameters in Pro-Q 2 but over the course of mixing I'm probably going to change the track's channel strip/plugin order/swap patches etc - doing so deletes all my Pro-Q 2 automation data.


I've tried copy and pasting from the automation event list but all the Pro-Q 2 parameters are just listed at the bottom - I can't re-target them to the Pro-Q 2 instance in the revised channel strip - even if I adjust the channel to the correct slot number.


Obviously just using Pro-Q 2 as an example - this issue would apply to any plugin.

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Are you using track based automation or region based automation. In the latter case, just moving/copying the region to the other track could do the trick. Alternately re-assigning a track to a new duplicated channelstrip should also work, or using different aux-sends configuration...
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