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coinciding recording start position and playback position


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say I want to record starting at 2.3 and I want a two bar count-in, that I want to be in cycle mode to drop multiple takes between 2.3 and 3




the tracks in question have audio captured up to 2.3


I would expect that I would need to:

arm the tracks in question to record

set the count-in in my prefs

place the playback head on 2.3

click on the record button or what I do press on the "R" on the keyboard



instead I get:


1 bar count in

playback starts at the beginning of the project

recording starts at 2.3


I want:


to hear the metronome count-in of two bars

playback and recording start at 2.3

I want this a default

alternatively I want to be able to specify playback say at 2.1 and recording at 2.3


I thought auto-punch in might be the way but I still encountered the same outcome. I also think of auto punch in as a way of inserting audio into a previously recorded i.e. pre-existing region.



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I understand what you want but it is not really possible.

You could get fancy and use a 2/4 bar at the insert point then set the count in to 4 bars. That would work for the count in per se but the cycle will still only happen between 2.3 and 3.1 (technically 2.1 - 3.1 now that you have a 2/4).


My advice would be to use a new track instead set the cycle length to the desired length including counting and that turn off Count in in Logic.

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ok, and thanks, so in the olden days , I think :), wouldn't engineers do a count off in the musician's can and speak ever so softly 1,2,3,4 and "punch in" record at any position within that tape? Emulating this is not possible? Now that I think of it, I guess that what I need to do is get a foot switch set to record, have a zero count in as you suggest set in the recording prefs, and do it myself , wait , the mic might pickup my tapping on the foot switch.


I thought about doing it in another track but its not another track its actually two, I have my Ovation going into my Reddi DI on one track and the other track is handling my Rode NTK.


Not to be an "arse" but can PT do this ?


Fine, I just need to submit myself to Logic's workflow.

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