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Logic Channel Strip Presets not saving I/O or Track Colors


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Hey all,


No matter where I save a track preset, either in the library as a patch or in the track itself as a channel strip preset, I can't get Logic to save a track's I/O or track color.


I just want to save a track, say a kick track, in an easy recallable way that saves the I/O and its color! That way I can just open a blank track and select that kick preset, or any preset for that matter, and have it be ready to go with the correct color for organization!


It's so basic to me but nothing works! Very frustrating.


Any one have this issue? Am I possibly doing something wrong?




Logic 10.1.1

Imac 3.4 Ghz I7

Yosemite 10.10.3

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Thanks for the reply Eric!


So is there no way to have a track that can be ready to go with proper I/O, Track color, effects (if you want them saved), etc, that you can load instantly into a blank track?


The way that I currently do it is create a track, again I'll use kick as an example, that has the write input, right color, and proper output to drum bus, and I "Hide" it. Then I save my Template with this new hidden track. That way, when I need that specific track I can search through a bunch of hidden tracks and unhide the one I want, in this case kick.


But this seems so hacky to me, also confusing with all these hidden tracks.


I really thought there'd be an easier way.

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