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Logic Best Way to Create Drums


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Hey there! I've noticed in Logic different approaches on drums, you can use midi version (kontakt e.g) but I've seen producers use audio as well. I was wondering and I'd like to ask an opinion the best and more efficient way for creating drums on which you can easily change key/pitch (for example sampler FI Studio or Ableton). This is one of the main reasons my work on Logic has considerably slowed down and concked out my creativity.

Many thanks for your help.

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I couldn't agree more. I wish logics esx was quicker and you didn't have to save after every little detail edited in the editor.


What I will say, is I took the time to put most of my drum samples into ESX and I still just dont use it; at all. I am not a fan of battery or using multi outs so coming from ableton I have just decided to use kontakt and I use it as a single out, and I use it like abletons sampler, just for one sample.


Kontakt takes up a lot less CPU when you are just using it for single drum samples, but when you stack them up CPU does start to get taken up especially towards the end of a project. By the end of a project ill certainly have a few tracks with kontakt frozen to save the cpu, but as I said, with just one voice and solo drum samples the CPU isnt that bad at all, I feel like I'm overplaying it lol.


This is just how I do it.


I do certain drum sounds with audio however, like if I'm making a crash sweep or something. My general rule of thumb is, if the sample is longer than one+ second to play around with it audio. If i have to pitch the audio of any of my drums I use waves ultra pitch shift which is currently on sale for a lot (saw it in an email this morning lol)



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I mostly lay down a guitar rhythm groove (chords/riff) and tell a selected Drummer (edited for complexity/loudness) to 'Follow' that.

Later I often switch the 'Follow' focus to another instrument (or group of instruments), such as bass&guitar, keys & guitar etc, in order to tighten everything up.


I used to spend many hours programming drums, now I hardy ever bother, except for specific little bits. For Jazz I use other MIDI samples, such as from BFD3 etc. I hope that LPX eventually develops a Jazz style Drummer that uses Cymbals and Hi Hat as the 'Follow' components.


I compose in lots of different styles of music, but not EDM, which probably has different requirements.

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