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Add negative delay to one track of a group?


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I have a multitrack drum group thats phase locked and for some reason the overheads seem to be delayed from the rest of the kit so I want try shifting them to see if it helps.


If it were a forward delay I'd use the sample delay plugin, or if I could select that one track by itself I could use the delay parameter in the inspector but because they're phase locked I can't select it by itself.


They're flex quantised to fit with the sequence drums and I spent more time than I'd like to admit fixing the transient detection that logic didn't get right. Last time I disabled the group or turned off 'editing(selection) in the group settings, it lost all my transient editing when I turned it back on so I definitely don't want to do that.


Ofcourse I could put a sample delay on every other track but there are like 30 or so including the sequenced ones so screw that.


Any way to put a negative delay via plugin or temporarily select one track from a group so I can use the delay parameter?

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Expert Sleepers - Latency Fixer


thanks, that's exactly what i needed!


I could have sworn there was a way to select a single region in a group by holding shift or command in the old logic?

Turning off 'editing(selection)' and back on seems to play havoc with transient markers and quantise.

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