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Looping a series of adjacent regions


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I have 4 , 1 bar audio regions adjacent to each other. for illustration purposes assume they exist from bar 1 - 4, I want to loop these as if they were not separate regions but one 4 bar region.


Now of course I could glue them together and indeed make one 4 bar region and then loop but the issue is that I want to have access to these regions as separate regions for other purposes later into the tune. For example I may want to use the first two regions of these 4 in the chorus followed by different regions.


Currently my workaround is to not loop but rather make copies

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thanks, read the help section , interesting I will dig deeper. The current tracks in question i.e. the acoustic Guitar DI and the acoustic guitar Mic, are in a stack already i.e. a summing stack. These are stacked tracks not a folder of regions which is what the help section alludes can be done although their example seems to show a track folder.


If "folder" regions are possible then one should within the same track be able to have multiple region folders , right ?

However unlike stacks/folders which implies that there could be multiple regions playing at the same time , I actually have contiguous regions.


What I seem to want is some mechanism for grouping contigous regions which would let me operate on the group i.e. mute/loop/ copy to clone to a different position etc, all of these operations within the same track/channel.


Haven't yet checked out how this region folder plays out so perhaps it does address what I want.



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that's working, its a tad strange , my original tracks are now empty yet the channels that the original tracks referred to are being used by the newly created folder, I say that because when I loop over the folder region created and look at the mixer no new channels have been created (which is fine) and I see meter activity on playback on the pre-existing channels associated to the tracks.


Exploding into the folders does show a constraint mixer view to the tracks within the folder.


Yet if I look at the tracks back in the main view I now have this empty gap right above the folder created and that would work if still had regions on those tracks. I'm tempted to deleting those tracks but I'm afraid :)


I'll get used to it.


See attached pic below.



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