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Superfast playback problem


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I finished connecting my AMT8 and 2 Unitor8 mk1s and now I am test driving the setup to see if all midi ports are intact etc.


I am encountering superfast playback from my Elektron Machinedrum.


Here is how everything is set up.


- In my Midi Sync Project settings Transmit midi clock destination 1 is set to All.

- An external instrument is sending midi to the Machinedrum.

- In my Logic environment I do see in the monitoring the Machinedrum is sending back midi notes through the physical input port object, however the Machinedrum port is not connected to the Physical Input object.


The above results in superfast playback of my Machinedrum.



Now, when I set Transmit midi clock destination 1 to my Machinedrum the playback is normal and the way it should be.

This is unfortunately not the situation I want, because I will always have at least 3 pieces of gear I want to transmit midi clock too.


So now I really wonder what is going on. Is it a midi loop or something else? Thank you in advance.


Edit: I disconnected the midi out of the Machinedrum and the problem still persists, so it can't be a midi loop. Playback seems to go twice as fast. I don't remember having that double speed problem with my former midi interface, so is there a possibility that I need to configure something in my Amt8, because that's what the Machinedrum is connected to.



Edit 2:


After troubleshooting (*deep sigh*) some more it seems that my midi clock might be duplicated somehow.


This is what I did.


- I set destination 1 to my Machinedrum.

- I set destination 2 to my Blofeld


This results in my Machinedrum going crazy.


So I tried this:


- Destination 1 to Machinedrum

- Destination 2 to the Virus USB connection


This results in my Machinedrum playing the way it should.


Since the Virus USB connection is not part of the Amt8/Unitor8 chain this makes me think that whatever

destination I set for destination 2 and is part of the Amt8/Unitor8 chain, it also sends midi clock to Machinedrum again.

This would also confirm that when I set destination 1 to All that midi clock is sent more than once to the Machinedrum.

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It seems my midi clock is copied over everywhere.

I connected a Unitor8 out port to a Machinedrum midi in port instead of an AMT8 output port.

Without changing the midi destination port and channel (still set to AMT8 port) in Logic my Machinedrum still receives midi clocks. And that is strange because I didn't specify my new port. I guess it's one of those days. *sigh*


Could I be dealing with F5 XX or is that a Unitor8 feature only?

Could I have port 0 problems or something?

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