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How to find stands for these GIGANTIC speakers ?

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I am about to get new monitors. I used KRK Rokit 5 for a couple of years and they work exceptionally well. For that price and size they are really great. But I do a lot of hip hop and EDM lately and I need some speakers that will represent that low end as it is so I don't have to run to my car every 10 min to check how it translates.

So I stumbled upon "KRK 10-3" which are HUGE, 3 way, mid/near field monitors that have great reviews, great price and with them I don't think I would need a sub woofer at all.

So now I am looking into speaker stands, I used to use On-Stage SMS6000 stands BUT....

.....HOW and WHERE do I find stands for a speaker of this size ???


Dimensions are : Height : 21.2" (540mm)

Width : 12.7" (325mm)

Depth :14.3" (365mm)

Weight : 46 Lbs. (21 Kg.)


Thanks everyone


KRK 10-3


My old stands

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