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Assigning different instruments to different keyboard keys

Lazy M Beats

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This might be a question that has more to do with my keyboard (which i hardly know anything about feature wise) but I'll give it a shot. Please also forgive me if I am not explaining correctly, this might be challenging for me to describe.


I often find myself using a bunch of different plug-ins to build my drum parts. I'll use a kick from Sonic Academy's kick synth, I'll use a hat from Rob Papen's punch and I'll use some of ultrabeat's samples as well for instance.


It would be wonderful for me if there was a way so that I could assign these different elements that I am using to single keys on my keyboard so that I could play all the plug-ins at the same time as if it were a complete kit on my keyboard.


I would like to take the kick from Sonic Academy and throw it on C1.


Throw the Papen hats on F#1, G#1 & A#1 respectively


Throw a couple ultrabeat snares on D1 & E1 respectively


I might be getting in over my head here but maybe it is easy enough for someone to explain to a noob



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