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Logic X & External Synth?


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HI Guys, first post, please be gentle!


I am a long time user of Logic and Mac's, I have just bought a "Dave Smith Pro 2" , I have an Imac and am using the original Apogee duet as an audio interface..

I have connected the Synth directly to the mac via USB, I also have the Output's 1& 2 from the synth going into Inputs 1& 2 on the Duet, -


Midi data is being received in Logic no problem as I can use the Synth to control Logics own plugins no problem, however i am not getting any sound from the synth, again its receiving midi data ok as i can record in from the synth but cant hear it thru the speakers!!


Confused - really confused, any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated !!

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