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Latency problems Logic X Quad Capture


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Hi all,


Here is my scenario......


I am working away on my Logic session and am having a creative time. There's no latency issues and I'm enjoying the playing and singing even with plug- ins (to keep me in the zone), the processor seems quite happy and monitoring is perfect. I'm recording to an external thunderbolt HDD and my interface is a Roland Quad Capture. All the drivers are installed and everything seems perfect in my new simple setup.


Suddenly .... I hear a pop sound and then there is lots of very bad latency - there is a monitoring delay much worse that setting the buffer size to 1024... more like a proper full on echo maybe 250+ms. I have to then reset the I/O buffer size in Logic X to reset this which obviously disrupts workflow.


I have a new MacbookPro. i7 quad core 2.2GHz. OS X Yosemite 10.10.2

Logic X

Roland Quad-capture

External Thunderbolt Lacie HDD

Thunderbolt VGA adapter.


I have tried changing the audio buffer size in the Roland Quad Capture but it makes no difference. Could this possibly be interference from other devices such as an external monitor?


I am so gutted this week that I can't just get on with my sessions without constantly keep resetting the I/O buffer Size.


Does anyone have any ideas?


Hope so, thanks for reading


Many thanks



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Here's another topic on the same subject:


Logic Pro X Sudden Audio Big Latency Bug


My understanding is that there is something wacky going on with the generic USB Audio driver that many manufacturers utilize even in a wrapped version.

Most reports are coming from Logic users with a Mac running 10.10. Although there seem to be similar problems in 10.9.5.

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