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Hi I am fairly new to Logic pro and I wanted to know 2 things:


1- Can i set my keyboard so that when im holding Command the region im dragging doesn't snap (or snap to samples) because in pro tools i have it set to grid (or beat) and when i hold that key i can touch up (offbeat) as needed which works really great for me.


2- Can i quickly change the grid value to where it snaps so that lets say i have it a 1/4 the region will snap at every 1/4 but if i have it on 1/1 the region will snap at every 1/1 same thing for 1/16 etc you get the picture.




(i just asked this question but it didn't seem to have went through sorry if it's a double post caused by some lag maybe)

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1. No. You can either adjust your Snap settings as desired, using the Snap pop-up menu at the top right of the area you're working in, or using the Snap key commands, or you can hold down Control or Control-Shift to disable snapping to different degrees while dragging. Make sure you start dragging first, then hold down Control or Control-Shift.


2. Use the Snap key commands (Logic Pro X > Key Commands > Edit, search for "Snap", select the desired command and click Learn by Key Label to assign it a key command).

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