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Logic X automation retriggering playback


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I am listening to a project in Logic X and if I move any automation parameter while it's playing, all the midi instruments in the song stop working in terms of playback. This makes my usual workflow very annoying and frustrating as I like to hear the automation adjustments as they happen in real time. There is no problem with the automation, just an annoying glitch that has come up. Any help for this problem would be greatly appreciated!
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Updating your signature would be a good idea... Which LPX version are you running?

Which plugin(s) is(are) involved in your issue?

Some 3rd party synth plugins will indeed stop playing back notes depending of the parameter(s) modified (via automation or else).

One work around I found is to cross-fade between channelstrips instantiated with the same plugin/preset but one with the original parameter(s) and the other(s) with intended modified parameter(s).

Not the most elegant method but it works.

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