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Apollo spent 24hr in my yard

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I got my Apollo Twin interface delivered to me when I was not home. So guy left it there. It was behind the little palm, in the shade, but still package spent 24 hours out in my yard. It was sunny day and since I live in Miami it was apron between 80-90 degree F. It was a big box in a big plastic bag that had knot on the top, than that box was sealed all over with duct tape and than filled with bunch of paper to damp it and inside was another hard box, sealed with thick hard foam inside with Apollo being fixed in it.

So when I touched it it was not even warm ,maybe room temperature. I still didn't use it but just out of curiosity, do you guys think something could have been damaged as a result of it being out there for 24 hrs packed like that in the warm/hot weather ? I mean I don't know if the heat (or anything lol) could have penetrated all these layers of everything. Hahahaha.

But what do you think ?

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