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Different sample rates in the same Logic 9 project [SOLVED]


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Sorry if this has been answered before; if so, I can't find it: feel free to direct me to it.


I'm working in a Logic 9 file that's running at 96 khz; I need to drag into the project a song I have in M4A, sample rate 44.1. When I do so, it plays of course at the wrong speed.


What is the workaround, or how can I convert my M4A file to play at 96khz?


As ever, thank you for reading this and for your help.



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Hit B on the keyboard to go to the audio bin. Do Control - F to import the file. From there drag it into the project.


If it doesn't convert to 96k, then convert it right there inside the bin with the local menu. I think it's File > Convert Files, but on the bin menu.

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