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Quantize/Swing setting have disappeared!

Lazy M Beats

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Hope someone can shed some light on this! Very strange problem.


I had downloaded a project file with a bunch of MPC grooves/swings/quantizations in it and made groove tracks for all of them. I saved this in a custom template and have been using it frequently in my newer projects.


So I am deep in a track that I am really digging when I notice that the "quantize" selection in the region inspector is now set to "(empty)" when it was supposed to be set at a 61% groove from an MPC groove template that I had saved in that in the "quantize" menu in the region inspector. I click to put it back on the setting only to find that most, but not all, of my custom template list say "(empty)" and are missing!


In addition to these missing groove templates, I see in the Quantize list that there appears to have been made a bunch of new templates (which i never created) and they are labelled with as all my current track headers name's. It appears as if logic made groove templates for every single track in my project... :|


I went to an older file that I saved previously and that particular setting (within its MPC 16th note grouping) is there again on the quantize list but I am still missing a bunch of other quantize settings!


When I open a new project from the same template the other two projects were built from, ALL of the quantize settings are there again.


Anyone have any ideas why this might be happening and how I might get these

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