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Logic X key commands


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Greetings fellow Logicians!


I am curious as to what everyone has done with/about LX's key commands?


I have a heap of custom commands I made in L9, which I'm sure a lot of you also had. The way I see it in LX is that I can a) import my L9 commands and overwrite LX's commands and have to make a ton of new custom commands for all the new features in LX, or b) abandon all of my L9 commands, learn all the new LX commands and make new custom commands for all my old L9 commands.


Both of these ways sound horrible and I'm wondering if anyone has come up with a more elegant solution?


Thanks in advance.

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I'm trying to that, but it's so messy :(


So instead, try the default LPX key commands, and simply add in some of your old, really commonly used ones, and start learning the new keys.


I'm a change-o-phobic. I'm so used to my old ones. Any time I try to add one, that one already exists in LX. I'll get there eventually. Just thought there might be a less painful way :)

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