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Reverb preset suggestions for an 8'x12' garage sought

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Wondering if anybody can help me out here and point me in the right direction regarding advice on applying REVERB. I'm attempting to record a collection of self-penned songs in my garage (it is my intention to hopefully make them into a self-released album - that's the idea anyway!) Thing is, I got the opportunity to play a couple of my tunes to a guy who's released some stuff himself and he suggested that I really needed to acoustically treat my recording space as there were too many reflections. That was a while back. Cut to the present & I now have a pretty flat frequency response in my available recording space. I understand that the idea now is to take my raw, dry recordings and place them in an emulated environment but I'm not having much joy to be honest! I've spent so long making my room flat sounding that, now it comes to actually printing a reverb on the dry sounds I capture, I'm not that 'convinced' so far by emulated reverbs I've tried to date (not the presets I've used so far anyway). I'm into a lot of organic singer-songwriter stuff from the '60s/'70s (think: Dylan; Neil Young; James Taylor; etc.) but every time I try to stamp my dry takes with a natural sounding reverb at the mix/production stage it sounds more 'processed' than 'natural' to my ears. Any pointers as to how I can make the recordings I'm making in my flat frequency 12'x8' garage come across a bit more pro-sounding yet still retaining an organic feel? (In particular I'm least pleased with my untreated voice as it sounds a bit lost left dry (yet unrealistic with the presets I have tried so far - I just want my stuff to sound convincing space-wise & not 'stuck on' if you hear what I'm saying). Not being that technically-minded I tend to work with Logic presets to get going. After much experimentation I don't even appear to be in the ballpark where the concept of applying reverb is concerned. Help me out here folks! Any tried'n'tested tips, insights & reverberation serving suggestions much appreciated!
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