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how to record the sounds of a korg sv1 with logic 9


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:idea: Posting your system's specs in your signature, as stipulated in the Board Rule #5, could help us help you...


You would need a soundcard. Once you have installed the eventual drivers (that came with it) in your computer, you need to connect (MIDI and audio cables) between your Korg, soundcard and computer properly (SV-1 User's Guide p.17/18). Using the USB port of your SV-1 to make the MIDI connection to your Mac is the easiest way.

Checking in your Audio MIDI Setup app if the MIDI and audio connections are well established is usually recommended.


Then, you need to configure your Korg SV-1 MIDI an audio settings to ensure it is transmitting MIDI and audio as desired.

Check in your Korg User Guide.

Normally you would set your Korg MIDI setting to Local Off (p.12 /16), in order to avoid MIDI loop issues.


On Logic side, the easiest approach would be to use the External Instrument plugin.


  • Connect the output (or output pair) of your MIDI module with an input (pair) on your audio interface.
    Note: These can be either analog or digital connections if your audio interface and effects unit are equipped with either, or both.
  • Create a software instrument track.
  • Click the Instrument slot of the software instrument channel strip, then choose External Instrument from the pop-up menu.
  • Choose a multi-instrument sub-channel from the MIDI Destination pop-up menu.
  • Choose the input (of your audio interface) that the MIDI sound generator is connected to from the Input pop-up menu.
  • Adjust the Input Volume, if necessary.
  • Insert the effects in the Insert slots of the channel strip.
    As the track is routed to an instrument channel strip (which is being used for an external MIDI sound module), it behaves just like a standard software instrument track, which means that you can record and play back MIDI regions on it—with the following benefits:
    You can take advantage of the sounds and synthesis engine of your MIDI module, with no overhead on your system processor (apart from the effects used on the channel strip).

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