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Low audio signal when recording in Logic


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I notice that there are a few threads relating to similar issues, but none of the tips provided have solved my problem.


By way of background, I recently upgraded to Logic Pro X after years of using Logic Pro 8. I had been using a Presonus Audiobox 22VSL and had very good results in Logic 8 (up until I upgraded to Pro X two weeks ago). I recently bought a Presonus Audiobox 1818VSL as I want to record more tracks (for drums).


My issue is this: When I record on Logic Pro X, I turn the individual input volumes on the interface to a point just below the point of clipping. The individual track meters on Logic Pro X show a what appears to be a decent signal (ranging from just below halfway to hitting the yellow in higher parts). Yet when I actually record in Logic Pro X, all I get is a straight line (unless I zoom in significantly) with the occasional tiny peak, not exceeding +5/-5dB. The audio track is barely discernable, unless I turn the computer volume up all the way. Even then it is difficult to hear anything clearly.


I have tried both interfaces with various microphones, and neither seem to alter the result.


I am wondering if there is something in Logic Pro X I am missing? E.g. a setting?


Any advice is appreciated.

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Thanks for your reply. I was about to post a reply, but I've just realised that there are compatibility issues with the Presonus Audiobox 1818VSL and the new macs (by new, I mean post 2013).


It worked fine with my old mac which was 2011.


The website seems to suggest that these issues have been ironed out... has anyone had any experience with this interface and a late model mac?


Presonus press release: http://support.presonus.com/entries/22719929

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Thanks for the reply. My issue is that that is literally the loudest I can possibly get. When I did that recording for the screenshot, the interface was turned up all the way, and clipping like crazy. When I plug it into my old mac with logic 8

(Same interface settings) the signal is so strong it has to be turned down a lot. Is that a normal with the new logic?

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Is that a normal with the new logic?

The first thing to understand about digital audio recording is: the digital audio recorder used (Logic in this case) has zero influence over the audio signal being recorded. When your converter turns a measure of your analog signal into a sample made of zeroes and ones, the only thing Logic can do is store those zeroes and ones in a file, to be played back at your leisure. The zeroes and ones are not changed by Logic (unless you start applying processing plug-ins of course).


So any troubleshooting regarding the levels of your recording is not related to Logic itself, but to everything that occurs in your signal chain before Logic: room, talent, mic, mic preamp, impedance matching, preamp gain setting.


One thing that strikes me in your original post: you say you're getting a decent level when you're adjusting the preamp gain? Then that level is what you should be recording when pressing record. I would do a few tests in a new empty project with zero plug-ins in the mixer, and make sure that if you can hit a certain level when you're recording, then you'll hit that exact same level upon playing back the recording.

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Hi all,


I just thought I'd provide an update. I went back to the music shop and we tested the Presonus Audiobox 1818VSL against the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20. Basically, we have confined the issue to the Presonus design/compatability with Logic. The Focusrite provided a much stronger signal before the interface started to clip, when compared with the Presonus.


E.g. It was impossible (even with the Audiobox turned all the way up and clipping) for me to make a snare drum hit clip within logic (if that makes sense). But with the Focusrite (and the channel settings all the same on logic) I can have it set to a good non-clipping level on the interface, and still get double the volume in logic.


The guy at the shop ran tests on the Audiobox, and it is apparently working properly in terms of I/O.


I've exchanged the Presonus for the Focusrite, and am hoping for better results!

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Hi ppl!

I'm on Logic Pro X and am experiencing similar issues.

I got a MOTU 828 MK3 Hybrid with 2x Behringer ADA8000 attached to it. The interface is connected via USB to my MacBook Pro, on which Logic Pro X is running.

Now, when I record my tracks, I do see that the signals coming in are hitting the "yellow mark" on the individual/track faders. I do not change any of those faders at all, thus some channels are of course "lower". I thought that this has to be like that, because I would like to record with the levels I am using to play on my CueMix FX mixer.

Anyway - what would you guys suggest? Is my method of recording "wrong"? Or am I running into compatibility issues?

Tanks for your replies and regards,


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